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Re: /usr/share/man

Julie wrote:

> How is this going to solve the issue of system-independent
> commands which expect to find system-idependent manpages
> in /usr/man?  My vote is a symbolic link from /usr/man to
> /usr/share/man.

This would mean that any layered, possibly licensed product
have its man pages potentially shared among machines in /usr/share,
yet the binaries wouldn't necessarily be (not that one would
particularly want that either!).

In my mind, the share area is best used for stuff in common
among many machines, and generally, individually installed,
possibly licensed software might need a place specific to
this machine.

A case in point might be a 'mount' command that supports NFSv3.
The manpage should be installed local to the machine with the
support (/usr/man), and not in an area common to a bunch of 
machines, many of which may not support NFSv3.

> I thought the "local commands manpages" convention was
> /usr/local/man anyway?

Ya, that's a good argument, but I wouldn't expect to see a 
'mount' manpage there though.


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