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Re: Issue with LSB 0.1: Dynamic Linking: Program Interpreter

>>>>> Stuart Anderson writes:

Stuart> On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, Joel Klecker wrote:
>> This says the interpreter is /lib/ld-linux.so.2, however that is not
>> correct for all values of *-*-linux-gnu.
>> In the glibc sources is the shlib-versions file which is used to determine
>> the soname of the interpreter:
>> i.86-.*-linux.*         ld=ld-linux.so.2
>> sparc64-.*-linux.*      ld=ld-linux.so.2
>> sparc.*-.*-linux.*      ld=ld-linux.so.2
>> alpha.*-.*-linux.*      ld=ld-linux.so.2
>> arm.*-.*-linux.*        ld=ld-linux.so.2
>> # We use the ELF ABI standard name for the default.
>> .*-.*-.*                ld=ld.so.1
>> gcc also "knows" this value so that it knows what to pass to the linker for
>> the -dynamic-linker argument.

Stuart> Would a Linux application ever get a value other than ld-linux.so.2? That
Stuart> is all that I have come across.

The above regexp doesn't match for e.g. m68k, powerpc and mips. These
platforms do use ld.so.1.

 Andreas Jaeger   
  SuSE Labs aj@suse.de	
   private aj@arthur.rhein-neckar.de

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