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specification meeting attendee list

We need to provide a complete listing of attendees for security at the
IBM meeting location.  If you are attending the December meeting, but
not on the below list, please send me email.  By the same token, please
let me know if you are listed below, but not coming.  Thanks.

Andrew Josey <ajosey@rdg.opengroup.org>         Open Group
Cristian Gafton <gafton@redhat.com>             Red Hat
Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>                Debian
Daniel Quinlan <quinlan@transmeta.com>          Transmeta
Erik Troan <ewt@redhat.com>                     Red Hat
George Kraft IV <gk4@us.ibm.com>                IBM
H. Peter Anvin <hpa@transmeta.com>              Transmeta
Jakob Kaivo <jkaivo@ndn.net>                    independent
Jim Knoble <jmknoble@pobox.com>                 independent
John H. Terpstra <jht@turbolinux.com>           Turbolinux
Markus Rex <msrex@suse.de>                      SuSE
Michael Perry <mperry@linuxcare.com>            LinuxCare
Ralf Flaxa <rf@lst.de>                          Caldera
Shaya Potter <spotter@yucs.org>                 independent
Stuart R. Anderson <anderson@metrolink.com>     Metrolink
Theodore Y Ts'o <tytso@mit.edu>                 VA Linux Systems

Note: Let me know if you want me to change the company listed by your
name (as in "I am not representing company or group X at the meeting").

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