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Re: Motif APIs

> last 1980s and early 1990s.  However, the GUI wars of the new millennium
> between GTK, Qt, and Motif is a distinct possibility.

I don't actually think Motif is going to be in any GUI wars 8)

> Will the LSB specification include multiple GUI widget sets & toolkits, not
> have any mention of GUIs, or include at least one?

The LSB can certainly have some kind of role in trying to standardise widget
set interfaces but not widget sets. Right now its a bit problematic as we
are expecting all the C++ bindings to break (for one final time to get it
all right standards compliant etc) from Cygnus. [1]

The LSB has a role in saying "gtk binary interfaces if present shall be.." and 
"motif binary interfaces if present shall be". Just not a role in saying what
people use. 

> If Motif were open sourced by TOG, then would it be a candidate for the LSB
> specification?   What about LessTif as a substitute?

I would think so in both cases. Is LessTIF complete enough that a standard
based on it would not cause problems ?


[1] The current ABI doesnt have proper namespace support and some other items
according to cygnus. So for 3.0 they will redo some object layout and this
and break the lot once and in theory never again. Only C++ is affected.
Nobody is exactly overjoyed by this...

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