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Re: pending LSB action items

tytso <tytso@mit.edu> writes:

>> - integrated rc and init file specification

> I'm willing to still give this one a crack, but realistically I won't
> have time until the first week of November to do so.  Dan, if you want
> to reassign this work item to someone else, or to take it back on
> yourself, I won't have any hard feelings.  But otherwise, I said I
> will do it and I will make time to do so when I am back from my
> travels.

I would prefer to avoid reassigning anything.  There are more items to
be finished than there are active participants.

Practically speaking, as long each specification section is reasonably
stable and in Stuart's tree for a few weeks before the physical meeting,
I think we will be okay.  Earlier is better, of course.

- Dan

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