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Re: pending LSB action items

Hi all,

My apologies for missing the conference call as well.  I am at ALS this
week, and by the time I had caught up on my e-mail after my tutorial
session, it was past time for the conference call.

   Please speak up if you are still working on any of these items, or if
   you are interested in helping complete one or more of them.  Thanks.

     - integrated rc and init file specification

I am painfully aware that I've been delinquent on doing anything on this
item.  My travel schedule turned out to be far more hellacious than I
had realized, and so I simply haven't been able to find any time to work
on it.  

I'm willing to still give this one a crack, but realistically I won't
have time until the first week of November to do so.  Dan, if you want
to reassign this work item to someone else, or to take it back on
yourself, I won't have any hard feelings.  But otherwise, I said I will
do it and I will make time to do so when I am back from my travels.

As far as having a physical meeting to discuss 1.0 during the first
two weeks of December, that's probably a good idea.  Unfortunately I
don't know how many folks would be going to upcoming shows (Comdex,
Bazaar) anyway.  I know I sure wasn't planning to attend any of them.
I have to be in Boston the evening of December 9th, but other than
that I don't have anything planned for that time period.  (I was
hoping that I would be able to stay home all of December, though!  :-)

				    - Ted

P.S.  If enough other people find the Bazaar convenient, I certainly
like it --- for selfish reasons! --- because it's on the East Coast.

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