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LSB rc script installer requirements #1

Back in November on the lsb-spec, we were very close to agreeing on a
set of requirements for an LSB rc script installer.  The discussion
stalled, perhaps because we never agreed on a set of requirements
before discussing implementation details and possibilities.  I would
like us to agree on a list of functional requirements and then let
some lucky developers to come up with a specification.

Here is a *possible* list of requirements that I distilled from the
previous discussion.  This is just a list.  Some of these are good
ideas.  Some are not.

Overall requirement:

     Must provide interoperability between distributions for an
     application installing rc scripts.  ISVs should never need to know
     the boot script order or worry about distribution differences.


 1. abstract names for each stage of the start sequence
 2. no more numbers ... list of symbols that order the start sequence
 3. must be extensible
 4. no shell scripts
 5. user-definable runlevels
 6. more than 6 runlevels
 7. internationalization
 8. define standard run level mappings (1 = halt, etc.)

Assuming nobody disagrees with the overall requirement, I'd like to
hear what different ISVs and distributions on this list think about
the 8 above items.  If any significant additions to the list of
possible requirements are posted, I will post another requirements
summary (this is the first summary, hence the #1).

I ask that everyone try to not discuss implementation details except
as necessary to discuss the list of requirements.  ;-)

- Dan

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