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Re: Anyone working on the rc.d installer problem?

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Erik Troan wrote:

> > customization is necesary:
> > 
> > binary=/usr/sbin/inetd
> > pidfile=/var/lib/inetd.pid
> > killmethod=TERM
> > 
> > . /lib/rc.stdprog
> That's exactly what we're thinking of. We also want to abstract the logging to
> something other then echo for added flexibility.
> Erik

Like i18n? :) in our distribution (localized for Brazil) we're just
translating the messages in the rc.d scripts, what's a bad way to do this,
so we're planning to replace this with gettext.

                                       - Arnaldo

"These are questions for action,
   not speculation, which is idle." - Noam Chomsky

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