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Re: Anyone working on the rc.d installer problem?

> Yes, but this is at a very high level.  I'm interested in specifying
> something which can be useful for providing interoperability between
> distributions when installing rc.d files right away, even if we don't
> get a high-level package metadata format agreed upon until later.
> If this is what you're currently doing, would I be right in assuming
> that there isn't something at this low level of design work?  I think it

Yes, I just wanted to stimulate some discussion.
> would be useful to provide this level of functionality right away, and
> it should be easy to have the higher-level package management format
> call /usr/sbin/rcinstall if needed.  
I think this is a great idea.

We thus need
/usr/sbin/rcinstall [verbal-runlevel] [before-string] [after-string] [this-service]
where verbal runlevels are stuff like single-user, etc the distribs decide
together on, and where  [before-string] [after-string] [this-servi
ce]  are pre-agrred and LSB codified names
ie. network


> 							- Ted

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