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(impl) some changes

The email notifier has been eating
messages so the checkins won't have shown
up in anyone's mailbox who isn't getting
*all* the lsb checkings

I've now tweaked the combination of
entities file, and package_list file
(used by the package_update script)
so that the entire source package
tree is correctly fetched.

This did mean a couple of things changed
slightly in the entity file; hopefully
the fact that that package_update script
works reliably will ease any pain of this.

the changes had to do with when the
upstream didn't have the package with
the same suffix, generally.  I did hunt
around for .bz2 copies of glibc and gcc
so those didn't change in the entity file.

linux now wants the bz2 version, it's
quite a bit smaller

Three packages are provided in a new
location on freestandards.org since
they seem to have no home.  One of those
is lfs-bootscripts, I could no longer
find our version, lfs has gone to 1.9.

MAKEDEV is fetched from the lfs site -
this is possibly a vulnerable location
since the packages-3.2 has gone away,
I'm pointing to the new packages-3.3

I solved all the sourceforge can't-do-
automated-download-from here crap by
pointing to a mirror.

the only "real" change is I found a
quasi-official location mirroring vixie
cron, but the name and directory is
different than our copy, so I created
a new patch for that, meaning I didn't
trample on the old one

this might be a little bit of pain, but
I hope that after a one-time catchup
we'll be in good shape due to being able
to quickly catch up on missing files
as the entity file evolves

(oh, some extra stuff is fetched in
anticipation of the pahse 4 bits;
if you don't want to get those, just
whack them off the end of the 
package_list file before running

I'll commit a new md5sums file momentarily,
once I've checked everything out one more time


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