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RE: Build problem

> Should be, below are the md5sums for the gcc and glibc bits I 
> am building 
> with.  Just to be sure I started a fresh build as well.  Will 
> let you know in 
> 45 minutes or so if the build fails.
> Mats, can you verify the md5sums on your own please.

The glibc-2.2.5.gcc32.patch I built against sums different,
but when I diff it's only a difference in the comment, I
must have changed that slightly before checkin.

I've got a newer version of the entity checker, basically
a copy with minor edits of the appbat version I changed
yesterday.  I can check that in - it's now possible to
call it with a "-s" argument that will return only an
error code indicating pass/fail.

Is it worth thinking of a way to add md5sums to the tool?
(of course Python has an md5 module so checking is easy...
but we'd need to generate/store the saved sums somewhere)


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