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(impl) glibc patches

I've gone through the glibc LSB-si patch in detail.
I've located the following:

  - patches for LSB conformance, present in glibc CVS
    (some are specifically against the 2.2 line, a few
    are against current)

  - patches for Itanium; most of these are generic
    but turn out only to have an impact on Itanium
    (of the platforms we know about).  Two are explictly
    for Itanium.

  - patches for "nice", which are not glibc cvs, and
    were also controversial with Debian for compatibility

  - proposed ppc32 patch which only adds the required
    file and looks okay to me.

Any thoughts on what I should do with the "nice" fixes?

What should I do with Itanium patches that are essentially
generic in nature?

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