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RE: glibc error during build

> The patch on the ftp site is different from the one I 
> uploaded.  My copy here does not include the errlist.c 
> addition.  entitycheck only knows about filenames so it 
> looked like I had everything I needed.
> This is another reason why I dislike all-in-one patches.

It's a valid concern, but I also dislike having
lots and lots of patches.  Since the errlist patch
is specific to building glibc 2.2.5 with gcc 3.2,
that's worth being a separate patch.  I'll make
it so.  I'll break the glibc patch into at least 
lsb-conformance and arch-specific bits. If that's
not fine-grained enough we can revisit later.

When I get to it.

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