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(impl) handling multiple architectures

I was going to go back and build on my Itanium
box, and realized that we still haven't quite
handled the question of coexistence of multiple
architectures from one source tree.  I had
put that out of my mind for a while...

How shall we handle this for the LSB-si? I
can see a few ways we could deal with this,
none of them really pretty:

(1) keep parallel trees.  This works elsewhere
in the source base because the machine-dep.
files are generated out of the database using
a bunch of perl scripts, so they don't get out
of sync with each other.  In our case, I don't
relish the idea of someone having to check in
the same change, say to a version or patch,
in at least three, and in the future even more
different place.  Recipe for trouble - and
after all, almost all of the files will be
identical across all.

(2) add conditional code to the xml.  which is
not really something native to the xml "style",

(3) have the configure script do the work to
customize.  ".in" files would contain all the
code, and the checked-in version of the file
it will eventually generate could be the i386
one for consistency, but if you run configure
in a way to tell it it's, say, ia64, it would
generate the files that way

(4) build some kind of sparse-tree approach,
where an Itanium tree would only contain files
unique to, or changed in Itanium, and the
system would somehow know to go pick up the
rest from the main tree

I don't particularly like any of those, but
we need a solution pretty soon...


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