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RE: Problems building si

> Actually the fact that it reads the user's PATH has hidden 
> this bug from me.  
> I just need to tighten the screws on gawk's build.
> Looks like I will devote a little time next week to the 
> problem of PATH.

This particular problem was a syntax error in the
bootstrap/packages/gawk.xml.  I've just committed
a change that moves the </base> tag back up where
it belongs and adds the &LSBsi-bootstrap; piece
to the paths.

As it was, for this phase only, the parameters
were not being passed to configure (confirmed
by looking in the .nALFS logfile).

Note that the intermediate and final phase do the
right thing already, it's just that since intermediate
starts out as a copy of bootstrap, its initial copy
was in /usr/local... by the time it's finished building
a copy in phase 2 everything will be fine after that.


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