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Re: Problems building si

On Friday 23 August 2002 03:25 pm, Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
> > I just took a look at my lsbsi-intermediate directories and found awk
> > installed in lsbsi-intermediate/usr/local/bin. When I look at the
> > .bash_profile in lsbsi-intermediate/root it does not include
> > /usr/local/bin
> > in PATH. This would explain why awk is not being found. I see in the
> > phase2/system-config/profile.xml file that it should be setting PATH
> > appropriately, but it doesn't work for me. Could it have
> > something to do
> > with the fact my regular root account does not have
> > /usr/local/bin in its
> > path? On my Red Hat 7.3 system I don't even have anything installed in
> > /usr/local/bin.
> Sounds like another instance of the LSB-si build not being
> completely self-contained, since it depends on the search
> path of the user doing the build in a few places.  I'm
> logged in right now on an RH 7.3 machine and root's path
> does include /usr/local/bin .... and I didn't run into
> that problem building on a similar machine last Thurs/Fri.

Actually the fact that it reads the user's PATH has hidden this bug from me.  
I just need to tighten the screws on gawk's build.

Looks like I will devote a little time next week to the problem of PATH.

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