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RE: at failure

> As an FYI, my build that I started earlier this week
> and left to go to LWE failed well into the phase 2 with:
> ...
> -: ln -s -f at atrm
> -: gcc -c -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DVERSION=\"3.1.7\" -DETCDIR=\"/etc\"
> -DLFILE=\"/var/spool/atjobs/.SEQ\" -Wall atd.c
> -: atd.c:401:2: #error "No mail command specified."
> ...

Just to close the loop on this one, this (and a later
failure trying to set the root password) had to so
with the expected search path not being the same as 
the actual one.

Operator error on my part (I must have done "su" 
instead of "su -" before starting).

However, is there a way we could be less sensitive 
to this?  

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