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Sample Impl: website, etc.

I'm still trying to get my mitts around the sample implementation stuff.

It might help others if the website were updated a bit.

Here are my specific suggestions:

(1) The ftp link is old, points to sourceforge instead of freestandards.org.
Update to new location.
(2) Remove the duplicate copy from the CVS tree and the link to it.
Presence of this big bundle in the CVS tree is causing me trouble
getting the CVS tree and doesn't seem to belong in the "website"
area anyway, now that there's a reliable ftp link again.
(3) Add some wording at the top saying what the Sample Implementation
is actually used for
(4) Add some instructions how you use it (separate page)?  Right now
there's just a note that the bundles come with some README and 
documentation, as usual it would be nice to be able to see these
before downloading and unpacking.

I haven't been around for the history of this and it's not coming completely
clear up-front.


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