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RE: Testing of lsbdev and sample implementation

On Sat, 1 Dec 2001, Marvin Heffler wrote:

> I think rsync was chosen as the sample application to test lsbdev because
> it is one of the commands listed  by the LSB spec that needs to be on an
> LSB compliant system. Since rsync needs rsh to do any client-side
> operations, then it sounds to me like the LSB should add rsh to its command
> list.

Not really. The interface to rsync is the command line, and perhaps any
output from the aplication. How rsync is implemented (including it's
dependence on rsh) is not defined by the LSB. In otherwords, LSB provided
commands do not themselves have to be LSB conformant. Usualy, it is trivial
to ensure that they are, but it is not required. The requirment on LSB commands
is that the provide the behavior defined.


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