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Re: User settings

On Tue, Mar 26, Emanuel Dejanu wrote:

> I know that is not an easy step, but a very long and complicated
> step. Please send me to a standard draft that say that a app
> configuration file must stay on $HOME/. I have not seen this standard
> anywhere. I know that this is the tradition and traditions are very
> hard to be broken.

Why should they stay in another directory? They are user specific,
not system specific. If everything is in the home directory, it is
easy to backup, restore, find and manage. Why confuse a user with
yet another directory where he has to serach for his configuration

> Why will be good is that this to be a recommendation from LSB and in 
> this way all new programs will use the new path instead of using
> the old (traditional) path and in time all software will use the 
> new path for keeping settings.

I see no advantage of changing the tradition.


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