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RE: User settings

I know that is not an easy step, but a very long and complicated
step. Please send me to a standard draft that say that a app
configuration file must stay on $HOME/. I have not seen this standard
anywhere. I know that this is the tradition and traditions are very
hard to be broken.

Why will be good is that this to be a recommendation from LSB and in 
this way all new programs will use the new path instead of using
the old (traditional) path and in time all software will use the 
new path for keeping settings.

P.S. Sorry for my poor english.
P.S. Keep me in CC for this thread.

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> directly and then your home is a mess. What you think
> that instead of using $HOME/ to keep program settings
> to use $HOME/.settings/ directory ?

That would be like ruling that PI is 4. Its very convenient but there is
now way to actually make such a change. 

Too much history and other conflicting standards

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