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Re: (REPOST) user-specific package configuration information

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 03:25:25PM -0700, sandy pond wrote:
> Presently the storage location for user-specific
> package configuration information is in user home
> directories in many various "." files or
> sub-directories (e.g. ".vimrc", ".gnome").  Please
> consider the following possibilities:

You're proposing that we make a fairly fundamental change to where
most packages place their user-specific configuration information,
which is normally in the top-level of the user's home directory.  

While there's some merit to making changes such like this, there are a
couple of things to consider.  (1) most packages will not be LSB
compliant packages; packages provided by distributions don't have to
follow the LSB guidelines.  (2) The backwards compatibility challenges
here are quite significant; most users and programs expect that
certain files, such as .bashrc, .emacs.el, .newsrc, etc., live in the
top-level home directory.  (3) Often, dot files are shared between
multiple packages.  Examples include .newsrc, .mime.types, and so on.

							- Ted

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