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Re: Time to fight for our beloved DEB format!

>From: "Anthony W. Youngman" <wol@thewolery.demon.co.uk>

>In message <[🔎] 008201c10281$327d6540$6501a8c0@me>, Me <me@self-
>reference.com> writes
>>> When I've mentioned about incompabilities between
>>> distros then I've mentioned about not only packaging
>>> format. I can only repeat that you expect to much if you
>>> think that common packaging format is the only problem
>>> of differences between distros.
>>> Please try to use something different than RH, i.e. Debian.

>What makes you think I use RedHat? I don't, and I've used about 4
>distros, including Debian. RH I ditched pretty quickly.

Wouldn't it make more sense to use the SYSv pakgadd format?

The whole package managin system only has USL + AT&T Copyrights in
so it is easy to be put under GPL by SCO/Caldera.

The benefit of this idea is that then we could have a uniform
packaging system for all UNIX systems which really could make
system administration much easier.


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