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Re: standard for distribution identification

No, that is not the "standard".   :-)  The LSB designed, implemented, and
released the command "lsb_release" which reads the file described below.
That is the LSB "standard".  The RPM can be downloaded from the files
released page on sourceforge.

George Kraft IV
IBM Linux Technology Center
FSG's Linux Standard Base

Jim Knoble <jmknoble@jmknoble.cx> on 06/12/2001 08:39:05 AM

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Subject:  Re: standard for distribution identification

Circa 2001-Jun-11 10:23:02 -0400 dixit Trond Eivind Glomsrød:

: Candee Sumner <candee.sumner@mscsoftware.com> writes:
: > I have noticed that some distributions use an
: > file that contains similar information. For example, Redhat has an
: > /etc/redhat-release file. Is this a standard?
: Not that I know of, but we started this with Red Hat Linux 3.0.3
: (Picasso) AFAIR.

Yes, that's when Red Hat started using /etc/redhat-release.  3.0.3 was
released in February or March of 1996.

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