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Re: Packaging and installation spec wording

On Wed, 16 May 2001, Doug Beattie wrote:

>One paragraph says:
>"The distribution itself may use a different packaging format for its
>own packages, and of course it may use alien or other mechanisms for
>installing the RPMv3 packages."
>It may be good to quote "alien" and give an example specifically for

I would take "alien" right out.

... "it may possibly use other software that can convert to RPM

Hard coding an application name in a standard in this manner is
not a good idea IMHO.

>I know there are many feeling on this, and I don't want to stir things
>up again as this was hashed out during the call on the 9th, but
>allowing one such example here may tend to tone down negative feedback
>from many in the community.

Personally, I think that we're all better off with ONE single
unified package format and package manager.  RPM is the most
widely used one, and so it makes the most sense IMHO.  I don't
think the standard even needs to reference conversion software,
other than perhaps to mention it exists.

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