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Re: [klakier@pld.org.pl: Standard libxml-based processing scripts for DocBook?]

> Hello,
> libxml grows very quickly, and it seems it will be quite fully usable tool
> in near future. It can already process quite complicated documents with
> N. Walsh xslt stylesheets (tables are not supported yet, as well as chunking)
> Is there any effort to provide some standard of processing scripts
> for LSB systems? Some dbx2html, etc.?
> There is a chance to avoid the mess that sgml suffers from, by
> providing some standard tool for processing DocBook XML far before independent
> developers create own scripts.
> If there was not such an effort, I would like to start one (work on
> concepts, and provide scripts)
> Regards,
> Rafal

I'll be integrating XML support in the docbook-utils package. You are welcome
if you want to help. However I'm not sure that it will be based on libxml,
it could be based on xalan/xerces as well. I'll be doing performance tests
as well. One issue I also want to resolve is support for DTD and XSLT customization
like KDE and Gnome ones: XML is poor at finding where files reside (unlike SGML)
and this could be helped by choices at LSB normalization level.

Ralf, I'll suscribe a bit later to LSB discussion lists and try to catch
up with this thread.

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