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Re: lsbdev and FHS (was: "Specification v 0.8")

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Johannes Poehlmann wrote:

> Answer to Flavio Veloso, Wed, May 02, 2001 at 04:11:43PM -0300.
> Quote from LSB Chapter 4.1: "Large Software packages must not use
> a direct subdirectory under /usr". This is soft wording as you can
> always begin to discuss what is "Large".
> On the other hand, your posting made me double check with the sample
> implementation and I found out, that the minimal-runtime part of the
> sample implementation uses
>    /usr/lib/lsb/ and
>    /lib/lsb/
> _Bummer_
> So we have to decide between two locations and I would say both
> are ok from a technical point of view (Experts cry now, please!).
> So we should perhaps use the more LSB aware locations  /usr/lib/lsb/
> and/or /lib/lsb/.

I would stick with /usr/lib/lsb. Let's keep the root partition small
(cf.  FHS) and also the interface files will be needed only when /usr
is mounted anyway (you need a linker).


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