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Re: FHS: Location company/organization wide working data

Hi Mike,

> On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 12:02:06PM +0100, Raymond Horn wrote:
> > while checking the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard V2.1 I have notice
> > no possible location for a company or organzation wide working
> > directory. It is good practice to use the home directory for private
> This is a local issue, outside the scope of any standardization
> document.

Organization of private data is defined by FHS: 
	´/home/<user>/´ or ´/home/<group>/<user>/´

IMHO, a similar recommendation for non-personal data would make sense.
Meanwhile, I have noticed that the installation tool of the Suse Linux
distribution recommends ´/work/´ for this purpose (eventhough this is
not described in the documentation). For this reason I would recommend
to add ´/work/<organization>/´ to the FHS. Otherwise, everybody would
think up their own directory name and location.

best regards,						Raymond Horn

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