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FHS: Location company/organization wide working data

Hi everyone,

while checking the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard V2.1 I have notice
no possible location for a company or organzation wide working
directory. It is good practice to use the home directory for private
data only. Date/files concerning the company or organization
(i.e. letters, project documentation, ...) should be stored in a
company/organization wide directory with an appropriate subdirectory

In the FHS I cannot find any location for this purpose. My
recommandation for such a directory would be ´/grp´ (for ´group´
or ´groupdata´. Each company/organization on a network may get
a subdirectory in the ´/grp´ directory. This would allow multiple
companies to use the same local network. E.g.:


Subdirectories in the company directories may resemble the
company structure, e.g. one subdirectory for each department. Thus,
data access and confidelity can easily be managed within an
company/organization. E.g.:


I am looking forward to any comments.

best regards,						Raymond Horn

    Dipl.-Ing. Raymond Horn
    Zionskirchstr. 7, D-10119 Berlin, Germany
    Tel: +49-30 / 4403 2891
    Fax: +49-30 / 4405 2178   mailto:Raymond.Horn@Optimists.de

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