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Re: Threads

Shouldn't the work being done on "thread groups" help with this? Or was that
work scrapped?  And besides, the program should know if it's fork()ing or
pthread_create()ing, why should it need to figure it out from the PID? (that
you can respond in private mail to, as it probably not appropriate to this



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> Hi,
> On Wed, Nov 01, Jim Kingdon wrote:
> > At the recent open source database summit[1], I asked the developers
> > there whether people had problems with threads on Linux.
> >
> > The answer I got was that the semantic differences from POSIX weren't
> > really a problem, but they really, really wanted better debugging.
> I always hear from ISVs that it is a pain on Linux that getpid return
> different values for threads. So you have no chance to detect if you run
> in a thread or if there was a fork.
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