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ABI for Linux for i386 (was: Re: What's a Window???)

robert w hall wrote on comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine:
> aj writes:-
> I think the problem is that they changed the value of USER_CS and
> USER_DS (the selectors used when running in 32-bit mode). We use these
> to switch from 16 to 32-bit code, and their value is hardcoded in the
> relay code at compile-time.
> So it will work as long as you also compile on a win4lin-patched
> kernel. But if you compile when running a normal kernel and run on the
> patched one, or the other way around, it will break.
> --
> Alexandre Julliard

Eeek.  Does the LSB say anything about binary interoperability
(I think it does) and if so, can it mandate values like those
selectors?  If not, we may have serious problems down the road
in installing Wine executables as binary packages.

- Dan

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