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RE: Packaging stuff

Don't forget that many people don't have "free" access to the internet. In
my case I use the office connection (and they want to be a "microsoft only"
shop so interest in linux is NOT encouraged :-( or I pay by the second at
home. So it's easy to miss things. I doubt I'm atypical in going straight
for the LSB document - you know the syndrome - if you don't know something
is there you can look straight at it and not see it :-( hence the manifesto
is easily missed, whether you try and make it obvious or not.

Anyway, I might well have read it - I certainly have now and it isn't the
most clear of documents... Try comparing it for clarity with the GNU
manifesto in the GPL - there's no contest! I'm no writer, but I'll try and
put my understanding in words over the next few days, which will make a
basis for a PreRamble, and then hopefully somebody whose "Eng Lit" skills
are better than mine will take it and run with it.


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On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Anthony W. Youngman wrote:

> May I make an extremely serious suggestion? I really expect it will help
> clean up a lot of these wars if you take it up? At the start of the LSB
> document itself, preferably in front of the index so it is the *FIRST*
> a casual browser stumbles over, there should be a "Political PreRamble" a
> bit like the GNU manifesto that is *part* *of* the GPL.

On the main page of <http://www.linuxbase.org>, under the heading "Mission
Statement", there is a link to <http://www.linuxbase.org/mission.html>.  
This is the LSB mission statement -- is this what you are talking about?

I would hope a casual browser looking for LSB information would be able to
find that.  Perhaps it should be a part of the formal spec -- though I
would think anyone looking for information on the LSB would be able to
find it easily enough.  *shrug*


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