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Re: Packaging and installation

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Anthony W. Youngman wrote:

> >If you're somewhat new to the lsb-discuss list, please check the archives
> >before discussing this.  This is an old discussion.  Very old.
> I don't mean to be rude, but remember the fuss I created with Chapter
> 13? As it appears to me, I pretty much searched the entire archive
> (based on what people pointed out to me) and found bugger all.

I'm not familiar with British slang, but I gather you're saying that you
couldn't find anything on Chapter 13 in the archives.

I just looked myself, and apparently there is a problem with searching the
LSB archives.  I get no results on any searches on lsb-discuss or lsb-spec
(I got hundreds of hits on "rpm" in the devel list).  I've sent off an
email to the list maintainer's address on the page, and hopefully we can
get this addressed.  I bet there's a problem with the search databases --
either they're not getting made or they're corrupt.

> So maybe it is an old discussion, but there's sweet FA evidence in the
> archives of the mailing list!

Heh, I don't understand what you're saying (what is "sweet FA"?), but I
gather that you can't find anything in the archives.

We'll get that fixed, should be too difficult.  Sorry I was telling folks
to check the archives when they were broken.  :-)


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