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Re: Packaging and installation

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, agx wrote:

> Wade Hampton wrote:
> > I suggest we take a vote.  The options are RPM or DEB?
> IMHO this seems to me very stupid:
> 10 peoples cannot decide for the whole world
> > Once the vote is taken, the result would be the standard.
> This seems the Micro$oft way ...
> Antonio Gallo
Well the option might be to not define any standard then.. The unix vs
unix story repeats sigh.... I have been following this list for a while
and each time this comes up noone even tries to find a sollution so I
think its time to decide something just because it probably will upset a
lot of people that want to have something better and maybe the ultimate
sollution is popping up. That day LSB could decide again but the time is
to decide something. It better to take a direction now and maybe change
the direction later than doing nothing.

/Mats Loman

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