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Re: Packaging and installation

Wade Hampton <whampton@staffnet.com> writes:

> I suggest we take a vote.  The options are RPM or DEB?

I suggest not.

Take care of deciding what people should expect to be able to find on a
system and how to say that you need this and this library (for some
set of libraries.)

Then distribution makers should be able to implement whatever thay
like for backend to this system. We could even decide that
distribution-independent packages should be packed as RPM's (and
unpacks in /opt) and let people use alien or some other way to archive

This would make it a lot more easy to make some really inovative
distribution. Just make sure it is backwards compatible in some
restricted way.


> I agree RPM has some issues (e.g., when SW is installed from tarball

Arguing for RPM by pointing at an even worse system could be a great
rhetoric trick but how long does it brings us?

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