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Re: FHS questions from the Atalanta Linux Showcase

> 2) Requests for organizing ia32 libraries and executables on an ia64
> system.  I understand some people are setting up /compat/x86 or /usr/ia32
> directories.   What is the FHS workgroup's recommendation?

I would prefer to see things like /usr/lib/ia32/ and /usr/bin/ia32/ or,
alternatively, /opt/ia32/lib/ and /opt/ia32/bin/, and NOT things like

> 3) Requests for organizing software installation & users on distributed
> filesystems (ie., AFS, DFS, NFS).    What is the FHS workgroup's
> recommendation?

Create top level mount points, for instance: /afs/, /dfs/, /nfs/.

These reflect my desire for an FHS policy defining the vertical structure of
the hierarchy, where my preference is:

dir	/
subdir1	top-level (a mount point or a grouping, like /opt/ or /home/)
 level2	name-of-a-package-of-classes (like /usr/ is a package-of-classes)
 level3	class (like types lib, bin, share, etc)
 level4	name-of-an-application-group (like /usr/bin/mh/ or /usr/lib/perl5/
	    (often confused with the name-of-a-package-of-classes:()
 level5	some-files

Unnecessary leading directory components are suppressed, of course.

James Feeney

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