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FHS questions from the Atalanta Linux Showcase

While working in the FSG/LSB/Li18nux booth at the Atlanta Linux Showcase,
and at the FSG/LSB BOF at ALS; there were several questions & comments
regarding the FHS V2.1.

1) Most everyone acknowledged they new about the FHS
2) Requests for organizing ia32 libraries and executables on an ia64
system.  I understand some people are setting up /compat/x86 or /usr/ia32
directories.   What is the FHS workgroup's recommendation?
3) Requests for organizing software installation & users on distributed
filesystems (ie., AFS, DFS, NFS).    What is the FHS workgroup's

George Kraft IV
512-838-2688; t/l 678-2688
FSG's Linux Standard Base

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