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Re: Chapter 13 - Software Installation

Santeri Kannisto wrote:
> Anthony W. Youngman wrote:
> >
> [clip]
> > 13.3.1 Category
> >
> > Is ...
> That is rather confusing to beginners...
> Consider eg. looking for Linux games: which category you should
> select (KDE, GNOME, X11 or Games)? Or what does X11 tell to a novice?
> I suggest organizing packages according to use like:
> 1. Work

I wonder if 1. Office might be more to the point, and yet clear
enough to beginners.  "Work" might conjure images of automotive
repair, carpentry, and besides, what if the newbie has aspirations
to labor as a programmer.  He might never look in 4. Development.
I can't remember when it ended, but there was a time I did not
associate the word "development" with programming, even though
it had been several years since my three years of programming
classes in High School ('76 - '78).

> 2. ...
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