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Re: Chapter 13 - Software Installation

Anthony W. Youngman wrote:


> 13.3.1 Category
> Is used to group similar packages together. For example "databases",
> "corelibs", "X11", "Gnome", "KDE", "Games". Sub-categories are
> permitted, should there be sufficient packages to make this worth while.

That is rather confusing to beginners and advanced users probably
know what they are looking for. Moreover, if you consider custom
selections in installers or menu's in graphical environment
the output would be useless.

Consider eg. looking for Linux games: which category you should
select (KDE, GNOME, X11 or Games)? Or what does X11 tell to a novice?

I suggest organizing packages according to use like:

1. Work
2. Entertainment
3. Networks
4. Development
5. System
6. Help

Number of top level categories should be also limited because
of the limits of meat-machines.

> Rather importantly, "hardware" is a category. This then makes it
> possible either for auto-detect programs to create the hardware
> hierarchy automatically, or for manufacturers to supply the appropriate
> file for inclusion in this directory.

Another criteria could be how often you need these applications.
In real work and real life computers are not used for configuring
or playing with some hardware. Therefore I would consider putting
"hardware" under 6. System and naming it according to use, eg. 
Configuring (System/Configuring).

This might sound very naive, but it's because we are doing 
a distro for beginners and home users. Therefore I am 
underlining their needs all the time.

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