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Linux Development Platform Specification mailing list

[ A request: please try to respond to this message only on the new
  mailing list, freestandards-ldps@lists.sourceforge.net ]

After the last day of the June 12-14 Linux Standard Base meeting,
several of us got together to discuss the critical problem of
application vendors who need a guideline for developing applications
that work on Linux distributions available *today* as opposed to when
the LSB is complete.  During the June 12-14 meeting, we had a number of
ISVs who approached us asking for a solution to this problem.  We were
not able to really address this at the meeting because it was off-topic
for the LSB and also for lack of time.

So we came up with an interim proposal, the Linux Development Platform
Specification (if you can think of a better name, send me an email).
It still needs a little work and some review, but it is very simple and
we've explicitly avoided a number of difficult issues that just don't
rise to a high level of importance.  We've also set up an ad hoc
committee under the Free Standards Group instead of trying to wedge
this into the LSB.  The plan is to release a minimal specification as
soon as possible so we can start improving the situation for
third-party developers.

The LDPS committee mailing list is ready and anyone can join up.  Sign
up at sourceforge.net on


or if you are logged into sourceforge via SSL, go to


Archives will be available (one update at least every 24 hours), so if
you join a little late, there shouldn't be any harm done.  Until the
subscription list includes most of the distributions and some ISVs, I
will repost the specification about once a day to move things forward
and I won't complain about answering repeated questions for at least the
first few days of the new list.  (I'll post the next draft later

Finally, I'll be posting this notice to the li18nux, lsb-discuss, and
fhs-discuss mailing lists.


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