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June 12-14 LSB meeting schedule

If you want to suggest any changes, please send me email or even
better, talk to me tomorrow at breakfast.  8:30am ... I hope we have
lots of coffee there.

Linux Standard Base - June 12-14

Daily Schedule

Breakfast 8:30am
Meeting   9:00am
Refresh  10:30am
Lunch    12:00pm
Break     3:00pm
End       5:00pm


Focus: vendor requirements 

 9:00am  Welcome and introductions
10:00am  LSB basics and assumptions
11:00am  LSB-DB SIG review
 1:30pm  IBM needs review (for gk4)
 3:30pm  TBD

Goals: identify unimportant areas of LSB
       identify missing areas of LSB
       prioritize goals


Focus: subgroup meetings 

- FHS subgroup
 . FHS test suite issues
 . HTML location
- POSIX threads subgroup (1.5 hour limit?)
- POSIX test issues


Focus: specification review
       test suite planning
       implementation planning
       subgroup findings

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