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Re: #! -- reconsideration?

| Ted, sorry to be off-topic, but ...  what MUA/MTA are you using that
| took Don Cragun's name, split it, and then tacked on my domain name?
| 	Don.Cragun@Eng.Sun.COM -> Cragun@cise.ufl.edu, Don@cise.ufl.edu
| My curiosity is too great, and it didn't identify itself in the headers.
| Hopefully, it doesn't go berserk upon seeing ufl.edu addresses.  8-) 8-)

I used the "R" command on Solaris 2.7 "mailx" as front end, and 
Sendmail 8.9.3.  I'm not sure what was special about that header
that caused the behavior, as I have never noticed it before.  My
guess was that the problem was with the "austin-group" exploder.


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