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Re: Spam on lsb lists

* "H. Peter Anvin" <hpa@transmeta.com> wrote:
> A news server will do this beautifully.  A newsreader really is a much
> better interface to mailing lists, too, since they're designed for
> many-to-many communication.

If you mean that "news.linuxbase.org" would be a good idea, I agree ;-)

I'm using a local news-server for most of the mailing-lists I'm
subscribed to and this really is much better (I don't have to care for
the right To-address and still can just reply to individual posters
easily -- at least on all lists where the admin hasn't tricked with
"Reply-to" set to the list-address, which is bad style anyway).

But as a short-term solution a special list just for registering
addresses would make sense too. 


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