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Re: File Systems.

That's assuming they have a separate /usr partition, which might be valid -
I don't know what's out there.  How about a smart install?  The expert
installation program says something like "We strongly recommend (in addition
to a separate /usr partition) a separate /opt partition.  

Then the installation program can figure out what to do based on what the
user/admin decides to do. Pardon the silly pseudo code, but considering
we're probably only really talking about the "big three" offenders...

for [i in netscape, gnome, kde]
   if [/opt exists and is big enough] then
       move/upgrade/install i from /usr/whatever to /opt/i

One might add:

if [! /opt && / isn't big enough to add /opt] then
   mkdir /usr/somewhere
   ln -s /usr/somewhere /opt
      for [i in netscape, gnome, kde]

Not very elegant, I admit...

(Donning flameproof jacket)


* Erik Troan (ewt@redhat.com) [000322 08:31]:
> On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Nicholas Petreley wrote:
> > Why would it have to be a standard part of the upgrade process to worry
> > about symbolic links?  Wouldn't the upgrade program simply reference /opt? 
> > If the user/admin had moved it to /something/opt and linked to it since the
> > install process I would think the upgrade program wouldn't care.
> Existing Linux system by and large don't have /opt; if we start moving
> KDE or GNOME from /usr to /opt, those systems with small / partitions will
> break.
> Erik
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