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Re: File Systems.

* Erik Troan (ewt@redhat.com) [000322 05:39]:
> On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> > I think "ln -s /<large-partition>/opt /opt" is fine.  We only care about
> > the pathname that gets referenced.  Also, in the actual implementation,
> > /usr doesn't have to be the location.  As an example, I have this at
> > home:
> I meant that we'd have to do this as a standard part of the upgrade
> process, which is gross, if we were to move things like gnome and kde 
> to /opt.

Why would it have to be a standard part of the upgrade process to worry
about symbolic links?  Wouldn't the upgrade program simply reference /opt? 
If the user/admin had moved it to /something/opt and linked to it since the
install process I would think the upgrade program wouldn't care.


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