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where to find fonts (was "Re: File Systems.")

H Peter Anvin <hpa@transmeta.com> writes:

> The only exception is your last issue -- where to find <font type>
> fonts.  Dan Q. worked on a proposal for FHS for this, based on my
> suggestion.  This is indeed an important issue.  Dan, did you ever
> finish that proposal?  Did it make it into FHS 2.1?

I proposed it on both fhs-discuss and lsb-spec.


I ran a second revision of the proposal by Karl Berry (TeX Directory
Structure) and L. Peter Deutsch (Ghostscript).  They liked the idea in
general, but raised some issues we would need to tackle.  I think someone
who has more font expertise than me would need to delve into the font
proposal for anything worthwhile to happen.  A sample implementation to
demonstrate the utility might also be useful.


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