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Re: File Systems.

Keld Jørn Simonsen wrote:
> where to put a distribution?
> If it comes with an OS distribution, then in /usr
> If not, then in /opt
> What about the same package, say ghostscript or netscape?
> Should a package not go one place, irrespective of
> whether you got it on a CD, or you downloaded the latest
> package from the distribution site of the project/package?
> Or would the same package only go to /bin if it is
> packaged by the OS distributor?
> Do we have a place where DOS or Win software is mounted?
> For example a place where you can find truetype fonts?

I think this is beyond the scope of the current standard.  My personal
preference is to use /opt/<package> for large packages and /usr for
smaller ones.  However, I don't think it needs to be standardized at
this point.

The only exception is your last issue -- where to find <font type>
fonts.  Dan Q. worked on a proposal for FHS for this, based on my
suggestion.  This is indeed an important issue.  Dan, did you ever
finish that proposal?  Did it make it into FHS 2.1?


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