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Re: File Systems.

* Nicholas Petreley <nicholas@petreley.com> wrote:
> While I think discussion about these issues is always healthy, it does worry
> me that we're still arguing about something that should be a no-brainer by
> now.  If the LSB doesn't produce a usable spec soon, it won't matter how
> perfect that spec may be - ISVs want to produce their software for Linux
> (vs. specific distros) *now*.  How long do you think it will be before ISVs
> and other developers give up on the LSB and consider us irrelevant?  That
> would be a crime much greater than whatever one thinks about /usr/bin vs.
> /opt/package.

You're not too wrong with that. OTOH LSB is not new and nobody has
considered it as relevant yet. Some constrained work on slowly but
steadily evolving specs may be better to attract ISVs to participate
in LSB and without that it will never get usable in this respect.


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