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Re: File Systems.

My primary concern regarding /usr/bin is that non-essential post-install
packages might get in the way of my ability to run system updates.   If I'm
running some Linux distribution at version1.0, then I should be able to go
to level 1.1 or 2.0; however, I'm afraid that if non-essential
post-installed packages are in /usr/bin, then I have to worry if some
package I installed is going to prevent me from refreshing my system.   The
/usr filesystem might be full, or some package might over write a library
in /usr/lib...

In general, I like the idea of /opt for non-essential post-installed
packages and /usr/local for system admin built/install stuff.   I would
like be able to install new packages all day long in my 20GB /opt and not
have to worry about / or /usr.

George Kraft IV
512-838-2688; t/l 678-2688
IBM Linux Technology Center, Linux Standards

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