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Re: X Proposal

ted> Do we really think that any distributions will not be shipping X
ted> libraries?  Personally, I can't believe it.  X is simply too
ted> fundamental.  Certainly the default case will be that X will be
ted> supplied.

Embedded Linux is becoming more mainstream.   Since these embedded Linux
systems are not general purpose systems running just any application, then
it is possible to scrub APIs out of the X, Xt, and widget libraries.   This
is a common practice for X-terminals that have local clients.

I would like to see an embedded Linux system be "LSB Level-1" compliant.
That would give the customer/user some warm fuzzies, but allow the embedded
Linux supplier the opportunity to chop away at the graphics.  X11 is an
added reason why many small embedded systems don't use UNIX/Linux.

Best regards,

George Kraft IV
512-838-2688; t/l 678-2688
IBM Linux Technology Center

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